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Michelle Green

Hi I'm Michelle, a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. For the last 9 years of my life I've been working with children as a bedside nurse. My career started in the NICU working with sick and premature newborns. I was given the opportunity to fill in as the NICU lactation consultant and it was during those shifts my interest in lactation education began to grow. Eventually I transitioned to pediatric nursing and as I gained more experience assisting countless parents trying to navigate the challenge that is breast/chestfeeding a sick child, I heard story after story of parents who were not able to find lactation support they felt came from an understanding and non judgmental care model. Hearing their stories cultivated a passion within me to pursue lactation consulting. 

That passion became a dream with the birth of my first child, and that dream became a reality during my pregnancy with my second. It was during the lockdowns of 2020 that I decided to start this business, and a vision was born. My vision for this business is to provide accessible non judgmental care that looks at the whole person, or in the case of lactation the whole family picture so I can help families meet their individualized infant feeding goals by providing evidenced based support and education so they can feel safe and empowered in their infant feeding choices, whatever those choices may be. 

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